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Use Photography and Storytelling to Add Authenticity

We recognize how valuable it is for businesses to tell their story, mission and purpose through their website and social media. The attitude and ambiance a potential client experiences in person should be reflected within any traditional and online marketing initiatives. Consumers are careful about their associations, so it is important to stand out distinctly in a crowded marketplace to find the customers already looking for you.

This starts with the look of your branding and website, and we want to draw particular attention to how to introduce the real people and real essence of the business. This is done through personal statements, good photography and also video testimonials and demonstrations are becoming accessible through technology innovations, including the super smart phone and its bag of tricks. Things like photography do not require constant monitoring and upkeep and a set of current photos can last up to year without needing to change. There is a little bit of planning and setup, but the communication and approach-ability that is communicated online will reap future rewards for your growing business.

The idea of blogging has really helped to transform business websites into publicity and storytelling machines. Individual blog posts offer tremendous opportunities to specialize and distribute content that begins to highlight the backstory of a business. This includes recognizing key staff and company milestones, as well as in-depth product demonstrations. Furthermore, we favor websites in which the identity of the owners and key staff is listed and visible. In many cases, these key people ARE the business or brand, and these are the people new customers will most frequently meet with and engage.


It is not an overwhelming task to bring these aspects to your website. If you can take care of some basic photography upfront, then it will work for you for a while. We sometimes use the old marketing slogan from the home shopping network “set it, and forget it!” Taking the authenticity piece further, a business should make a plan to blog at least once a month to tell their audience more about what is current and relevant for your business.

We make the process easy for our clients. We schedule simple photo and video shoots where we bring the equipment and setup a comfortable atmosphere. Even for people that don’t feel comfortable getting pictures taken, there are ways to show people working and doing everyday things, instead of glamour shot portraits. Ultimately, your business leaders should be open to showcasing the talent of your business, and as important, they should continue to explore information blogs and stories to help translate what your business does, and how it does it!