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We provide internet marketing services to help our clients increase exposure and expand customer reach online.

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MyBuffaloWeb Internet Services

MyBuffaloWeb offers monthly internet services or assistance with short-term projects for your business or local organization.  Regardless of the industry or mission, we help you monitor and shape your online identity.  Strategy always comes first and business managers should be aware of numerous opportunities to build the digital footprint beyond just the company website and social media.

MyBuffaloWeb starts by working to streamline and strengthen the Identity of your business.  From there, we create a strong platform for Engagement through blogging, social media, press releases, publicity features, special events and more.  As your exposure continues to grow, your business is building its Community to a point of critical mass.

The MyBuffaloWeb internet services are designed to educate, connect and maintain.  We feel its important that business owners and departmental managers have the knowledge and resources available to make informed decisions about the direction of their business. We provide monthly reports and ongoing training to keep you as an active partner in the process and the results.