Our Mission

MyBuffaloWeb is a local, Buffalo-based internet marketing group that can improve the performance of your website and related online marketing activities. We offer monthly service plans to work as the outsourced internet marketing department for your business.  MyBuffaloWeb listens to the strategic needs of its clients and creates an implementation plan that will increase exposure for your brand or professional practice. Our experience allows us to identify best practices and install a strong online foundation for your business.

Our co-founders have spent the last three years building a professional process to help local businesses establish and strengthen their online identity. This will save you time and money, allowing your company to get experienced help for less than the cost of another full-time employee. Through monthly consultations and training, MyBuffaloWeb will reduce the complexity for individuals that need efficient solutions in the digital world.

If you are an existing business that needs to modernize a website or boost its performance, we may be able to provide that extra energy.  There is no cost to review to our services.  Please send us some information about your goals and we will respond promptly.