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Client Update: New Website Launch for Attorney Duo

We are happy to be helping a newer client – the Law Offices of Graham & Borgese, LLP – that is very hip to the latest trends and tactics for online marketing and exposure.  When we first connected, they were in the critical decision making phase about whether to install the new website they had commissioned on a new domain, or not.  The website has a great, crisp theme that they developed with a designer, and we worked with them to identify the best means of changing over to the new look.

Domain Mapping & Migration for

Through a number of discussions, we agreed that it was best to keep the existing website domain.  It then becomes essential that a proper domain mapping and migration take place.  We bring tremendous value to this problem because we take the time to identify the “urls” and inbound links of the current site, and we make sure they are all reflected in any new website.  We also are able to add new pages and sections as your needs evolve.   This link protection insures that there was no negative impact on search engine optimization, rather than indexing a completely new site.

mybuffaloweb - borgese transfer

The bottom line: This attention to detail meant that once the new website went live, there was virtually no measurable search engine loss in rankings.  The clients were happy that their months of website planning would not require months of search engine catchup.  They worked with a talented designer to update the look of their brand, and we made sure it launched successfully, and without any kinks.

As Project Managers, We Work Through Logjams

We can use a basic example like there are “5 Steps to Building & Launching a Website” to explain how we can help our clients in a number of flexible ways.  In the case of Graham & Borgese, they were through “4 steps” and just needed a little technical help to get through the final step.  Other times, we start with clients in the very first stage and we carry them all the way through.  Increasing exposure online is a gradual process that requires strategy, follow-up and attention to detail.

If you want to discuss or begin an online project, connect with Joe or Tony for a  free consultation.

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