Case Studies 2017

After the first quarter of 2017, we took a snapshot to highlight the progress we have made as a small internet marketing firm since 2013.  And, as our performance suggests, the proof is in the results!

1.  Driving Impact for (Since 2013)

  • Traffic increased 218%
  • Potential Leads increased 116%
  • Google Traffic increased 107%
  • Improved from 2nd page rankings to 1st page “Top 3” placement for over 95% of keywords.
  • And, many 1st position placements for several keywords.

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2.  Driving Impact for (Since 2015)

To begin, we installed a new WordPress website theme for Mr. Bromberg, and we repaired missing details to improve the organic foundation for search engine optimization.  Now, after two years of our strategic focus, this client is ranked on the 1st page of Google for the majority of his keyword phrases.  Many of the strongest keywords have earned placement in the “Top 3” and “Top 5” spots in Google.

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3.Driving Impact for (Since 2016)

In the short time we have managed their online marketing, we have taken their search results from the bottom of the 1st page and 2nd page rankings in Google to high-performing rankings consistently in the “Top 3” and “Top 5” placements in Google for many of their keyword phrases.  Additionally, we have improved the focus and targeting of their pay-per-click budget, increasing their potential leads from the PPC Ads by 160%.  Also, this increased performance serves to reduce the actual cost per lead significantly.

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*MyBuffaloWeb, Inc. provides monthly services for ongoing traffic generation and online reputation management.  There is no substitute for strategy, implementation and follow-through, and we enjoy organizing all the pieces to help our clients achieve their business goals. — We may be able to do the same for you; Contact us today!